About me


I graduated Film School with a major in Cinematography.


My first professional colour grading position was in 2010, when I worked as a telecine and colourist assistant for Estúdios Mega, one of the main post production houses in Brazil at that moment. I have continued to work as a colourist in both post productions houses and freelance.


I've worked in Dublin and recently moved to Barcelona where I've been working at Moonlight Barcelona.


I currently work with Da Vinci Resolve, but I'm always looking to learning new skills and programs.


I'm also part of other projects as a director of photography and I spend my free time creating collages and stop motion videos.


If you like my work, feel free to get in touch with me.



Moonlight Barcelona has the most powerfull Da Vinci Resolve in the Spanish market, equipped with a 9000 CUDA Cores, 2.200 MBs of RAID transfer speed and three TITAN graphic cards to ensure real time with every kind of camera file, including 4K.


The system is calibrated by the awarded Lightspace software in 709 and P3 in a 25" Flanders OLED 12 bits processing monitor and on a Barco 2KP projector with DoReMi server. A complete cinema showroom for your feature or commercial.


Moonlight also have all the tools for mastering, color and sound, DCP included. Mastering from RAW or any other camera format direct to TIFF 16bits HD, 2K or 4K.


The other rooms are equipped with Dolby and Flanders monitors. All this elements working together guarantee precision in color grading.